Authentic connection is the heart of my practice. I offer a supportive learning container in which clients can safely explore their boundaries and desires while in connection with a trusted guide. No trauma is too great to heal; with time and trust, we will welcome and integrate all the parts of you. Our sessions will include mindfulness techniques, embodied exploration of boundaries and consent, nervous system education, somatic exercises, anatomy, nonviolent communication, intimacy skills practice, and just having fun together!

Services I offer:


What’s the difference between surrogate partner therapy and somatic sex education?

Surrogate Partner Therapy Somatic Sex Education
Requires a therapist Does not require a therapist
My role is to be your practice partner. I bring vulnerability into our sessions, sharing my experience, feelings, and reactions with you.

The focus of our work is the relationship & learning relational skills.

My role is to be your practitioner. I center your experience and only bring my own into our sessions when it is directly in service of your learning.

The focus of our work is your sexuality.

Mutual touch: any touch I give you, you also practice on me Counseling and one-directional touch: the client can choose to receive touch but never gives touch
Both of our pleasure is centered Only the client’s pleasure is centered
Long-term (usually takes ~1 year) Flexible – can be one session or many

The rates listed below are my standard hourly rates. If you come from a background without access to wealth and are a person of color, queer, trans, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, intersex, and/or disabled, please contact me to be added to my waitlist for sliding scale spaces.

  • Surrogate partner therapy: $250/hour
  • Somatic sex coaching for individuals: $200/hour
  • Somatic sex coaching for relationships: $250/hour
  • Consultation: $60/hour