BBC covers surrogate partner therapy (and almost gets it right)

The BBC did a segment on surrogate partner therapy yesterday! I’m so stoked to see mainstream media covering our work in a positive light. And (of course) I had a few critiques:

  1. The reporter did a great job using the correct terminology – “surrogate partner” – but then the shortened version that went on the air said “sex surrogate” multiple times. UGH. How many times do we have to defend our right to choose the name of our own profession?
  2. I got angry when the surrogate partner they interviewed said that our work is not sex work. We ned to stop throwing less privileged sex workers under the bus in order to legitimize our own profession. Just because we have to get certified to do our job doesn’t mean we’re not sex workers! We can hold our own comparative privilege and safety without shaming other types of sex work.

You can read the transcript of the BBC’s segment on surrogate partner therapy here: