My favorite meditations: Centering with adrienne maree brown

One of my favorite forms of meditation is “centering,” a practice that comes from Generative Somatics and the Strozzi Institute. Centering is a profoundly simple and wildly powerful embodiment practice; it involves grounding in the three dimensions of length, width, and depth to get a sense of the spaciousness and boundaries of your own body. adrienne maree brown, a spiritual activist whose teachings have guided and inspired me in my own healing journey, has offered a beautiful centering practice on her podcast with her sister, Autumn, How to Survive the End of the World.

This practice incorporates song, gentle movements, and an abundance of sweet self-acceptance. It’s one of my all-time favorite meditations, one I return to frequently and share with many of my clients. I hope you enjoy!

Centering at the end of the world