Really Easy Ways to Show up for #BlackLives

<< CW: this post contains references to police brutality >>

If you’re looking for quick actions you can take from home to voice your support of #BlackLivesMatter, check out

It’s a simple and straightforward list of links you can follow to sign petitions; email, call, or text government officials; listen to YouTube playlists & play free online games to fundraise for #BLM via ads; and donate to the families of Black people who have been murdered by police. Last night, I sent an email to the Mayor of Louisville demanding accountability for the murder of Breonna Taylor while I was in the bathtub — and it took less than five minutes.

BLM_carrd_screenshot makes it incredibly easy to take small actions in support of black lives: just click a link to send an email to government officials, make a phone call, or even play free games to fundraise for #BLM via ads

Breonna Taylor, a 26-year old Emergency Medical Technician, was murdered four months ago today when multiple police officers broke into her apartment unannounced while she and her boyfriend were asleep in the middle of the night. Not knowing who had broken through the door, her boyfriend, who was licensed to carry a handgun, fired one warning shot, which hit an officer in the leg. The officers returned at least 22 rounds of fire, killing Taylor in her own home. To make matters worse, they subsequently arrested her boyfriend and charged him with attempted homicide of a police officer, although the charges were later dropped. According to police interviews, the officers were told Taylor’s home was a “soft target” with minimal threats, and the suspect they were actually looking for was arrested the same night in a different location. Breonna Taylor was unjustly murdered. We must demand accountability.

No matter who you are, where you live, how much money you have, how abled your body is, or how busy you are, has ways you can contribute right now. I invite you to take ten minutes sometime this week to follow the link and find an action that’s doable for you.

“No one is free until we are all free.”

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