My Favorite Meditations: Somatic Centering with Sumitra Rajkumar

I am sending love to all my fellow sex workers today, particularly those of Asian descent. It has been a rough few days for the sex work community following the white supremacist terrorist attacks in Atlanta that killed eight massage parlor workers, six of them Asian women. I think we could all use a break, so today I’m sharing one of my favorite meditations for coming back into my body when I’m feeling overwhelmed, grief-stricken, anxious, upset, or alone: Sumitra Rajkumar’s Generative Somatics centering practice.


This practice comes from the Irresistible/Healing Justice podcast, which fell apart in a very public way after the publishing of Whitney Spencer’s letter about white supremacy culture at the podcast. I have complicated feelings about posting this episode, but ultimately decided that there’s value in sharing the wisdom of these amazing healers, activists, and leaders of color, despite what we now know about Kate Werning’s leadership.

This is a short ( ~ 15 minute) meditation and can be done in any setting. Take a few moments today to drop into your body, find your center, and feel the boundaries of your own skin. I hope you enjoy this beautiful resource.

Sumitra Rajkumar’s Generative Somatics Centering Practice